The Womps (Boston)

The Band:

from left to right - Mark McCarthy (guitar & vocals) // Jason Lilly (drums & vocals) // Lucas Rich (bass & vocals) // Kailey Zercher (violin & vocals)

Photo Cred. Nick Gould


Photo Cred. Nick Gould

Photo Cred. Nick Gould

Artist Information

Label: Self-released

Genres: Alternative rock/jam band

Hometown: Boston, MA

 Influences: Phish, Little Feat, Thrice, Rage Against The Machine, Magma, Rush, Manchester Orchestra, Linkin Park, Jimi Hendrix

Sounds like: Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna, Wilco, Dr. Dog

Photo cred. Nick Gould

Photo cred. Nick Gould

Photo Cred. Nick Gould

Photo Cred. Nick Gould

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The Womps is an alt-rock jam band, dazzling audiences with fiery performances that draw from funk, prog, fusion, punk and folk. Formed out of love for all things weird and impossible, The Womps strive to make each show unique through collective improvisation, soaring harmonies and engaging songwriting.  

The band is:  

Kailey Zercher – Violin//Vocals  

Lucas Rich – Bass//Vocals  

Mark McCarthy – Guitar//Vocals  

Jason Lilly – Drums//Vocals 

Since starting the band they’ve played over 100 shows in 38 cities, at home and abroad! The Womps are currently working on the next EP and will be hitting the studio in early spring. 


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